Getting access to affordable and reliable bus transport can be a real headache, especially given that you are entirely unfamiliar with the area that you are traveling to. Under such circumstances, BSA Events can be your most reliable friend! We connect you to a transporting company when you need it most.

BSA Events provide you with sourced quotes from different bus companies. At BSA Events, we put our clients first. Therefore, we negotiate the best prices with our service providers to accommodate your budget. We have partnered with a local travel company who can provide us with competitive rates. Our most trusted service providers include, but is not limited to:

Triple T Travel

Pro Tours

Once you book transport through us, we will give you a set of contact information. You need only choose a quote that is most appealing to you, from a list of sourced quotes, then we put you in direct contact with the selected service provider. We can assist you with the following transport methods:



Car Hire

Our personalized service includes mediating between you and the selected service provider, should any hiccups occur along the way. We sincerely believe that your journey should be memorable. Therefore, we strive to make it as worry-free as possible. Should you stumble upon difficulty along the way, we will be your single-point-of-contact in sorting it out.

Need transport to & from your next event?